Gangetic river dolphin, Gangetic gangetic planner

Gangetic river dolphin, Gangetic gangetic planner Status: CMS Appendix: I and II IUCN: Endangered Biology and Migration: The Ganges River dolphin is found in the river system of the Ganges, Meghna and Brahmaputra in western India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh and on the Karnaphuli River in Bangladesh. There is a discontinuous distribution from the foothills of the Himalayas to the limit of the tidal zone. During the dry season, when the river level is low, adults tend to be in the main channels of the river. During the monsoon season, they move towards streams and streams. Some juveniles rarely leave the sources. There are usually more dolphins at the confluence of rivers, and downstream in shallow waters. Although they prefer deep waters, they can be seen in waters with a depth of less than one meter. The construction of dams prevents individuals of this species from following the migratory routes they had previously taken. Threats: Loss of habitat (construction of dams and dredging), dam reduction, chemical contamination, whaling, entanglement in fishing nets, human sieges, noise pollution, and boat traffic. Source: Prideaux, M. 2003. Conservation of Cetaceans: The Convention on Migratory Species and its Relevant Agreements for the Conservation of Cetaceans, WDCS, Munich, Germany. 24 pp. Jose Arcesio en YouTube:

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